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Bed bugs, roaches, rodents and spiders thrive in Wisconsin’s capital. Plus, ticks and mosquitoes regularly crash backyard parties, and Asian lady beetles invade homes in the fall. Madison.com has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing customer reviews, services and availability of 30 businesses and choosing five favorites from the top pest control companies in Madison.

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What to look for in a pest control company in Madison

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At a minimum, companies need state licenses to practice pest control in Wisconsin. However, to find the right pest control company for your needs, look for companies that provide more than just the basics. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends looking for quality and value when selecting a pest control provider, and we second that recommendation. You can evaluate a pest control company by considering its:

  • Use of Integrated Pest Management: The University of Wisconsin defines Integrated Pest Management as a decision-making process that utilizes all available pest management strategies, including cultural, physical, biological and chemical control, to prevent economically damaging pest outbreaks and reduce risks to human health and the environment. IPM helps assure that the environment benefits from a high standard of pest control while remaining healthy, vibrant and pesticide-free.
  • Pesticide options: Traditional pest control companies may use harsh chemicals, like pyrethroids and pyrethrins, to get rid of bugs. Green companies typically use options with lower toxicities or employ natural or non-chemical methods to get rid of pests. Pesticide products used in Wisconsin must be registered with the EPA, and users must also adhere to state laws on labeling directions, including product storage, handling and use. Ask for copies of the labels for all pesticides used and information on the rates at which they are applied.
  • Association accreditations: Companies seek out additional professional certifications and accreditations as a way of demonstrating their commitment to quality. Professional associations, like the National Pest Management Association, also enforce a code of ethics and provide members with information, such as new pest control research and regulations. QualityPro recognizes leaders in the industry and accredits companies through the NPMA. The Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, in partnership with the EPA, works with the nation’s pesticide-using community to promote IPM. In Madison, local groups include the Wisconsin Pest Control Association and Wisconsin Wildlife Control Operators Association.

It’s important to choose a competent company because if pesticides are misused, they can damage both your health and your property.

Average pest control service costs in Madison

Pest control pricing depends on the type of pest, the infestation level, the location of the pest and the size of the home or business. Expect to pay between $75 and $300 for a one-time visit, $800 or more for a severe infestation and roughly $400 for the initial service on a recurring contract. You can get a more exact cost estimate by looking at average costs for the infestation you have:

  • Bats: Prices to remove a single bat range between $100 and $300. Removing colonies of 50 or less usually costs up to $1,500. Large colonies of 200-plus may cost more than $5,000 to remove. Ideally, you want to allow bats to leave on their own and prevent them from returning by sealing off the primary entry points.
  • Bed bugs: Bed bug extermination costs start around $300 for a small problem but can exceed $2,500 if you need to clear a large home. Bed bugs can be difficult to treat, and if you have housewide issues, fumigation may be necessary. Otherwise, heat treatments should eradicate them.
  • Beetles: One-time beetle treatments start around $100 and increase with the severity of the infestation. Boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles are often paired for removal together in Wisconsin. These insects are relatively harmless but can completely invade a house in late spring and early fall. Left untreated, they enter your walls and go dormant when it’s cold. As it warms, they wake up and start crawling out into your home.
  • Rodents: Rat removal and elimination services start around $200 and usually require more than one visit. Rats, mice and other rodents, like voles and squirrels, cause structural damage, spread disease and multiply quickly if left unchecked.

A reputable pest control company should guarantee its work and provide a detailed estimate following your initial consultation.

Madison pest control FAQ

How often should pest control be done in Madison?

If you have a serious infestation, monthly treatments should be ongoing for at least three to six months. If you recently got rid of a pest and want to ensure it doesn’t come back, an annual plan with quarterly visits might be all that’s necessary.

How do you prevent bed bugs?

To prevent bed bugs, the EPA recommends frequent vacuuming, reducing clutter and carefully inspecting all luggage, secondhand furniture and laundry washed at public facilities before bringing them home.

Are landlords responsible for bed bugs in Madison?

It depends on what type of home you rent. Madison General Ordinance 27.07(d) states that property owners are responsible for extermination in any residence other than single-family homes.

How do you know if you have carpenter ants?

Sawdust left behind from tunneling through wood is a sign that carpenter ants are in your home. They also shed their wings, which you can spot near window sills and baseboards. In walls, where they make their nests, you may also be able to hear them scraping out wood particles.

Who regulates pest control companies in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection oversees the state’s pest control companies. However, the Bureau of Agrichemical Management certifies pesticide applicators once they pass examinations and licenses businesses. Request to see your pest control provider’s license to verify that they are a legal applicator. You can also search the state’s online certified pesticide applicator database.

Madison pest control company information


Terminix is open 24 hours a day, and it provides free inspections. If termites return after treatment and cause damage within 30 days, the company even pays for the repairs. Bed bug treatments are also available, including nontoxic steam and Rapid Freeze options. Terminix has nearby locations in Hanover and in Owings Mills at 10715 Red Run Blvd., Ste. 112, Owings Mills, MD 21117.


Premier Pest Elimination

Premier Pest Elimination eliminates insects and rodents from commercial and residential spaces. One-time service and customized maintenance plans are available. This company provides free estimates by phone and determines your exact costs after a site visit. Appointments can be made after hours. Employees are state-licensed and certified, and the company backs its services with a money-back guarantee. Premier Pest Elimination is located at 2314 Superior St., Madison, WI 53704.

Premier Pest Elimination

Kwik Kill

Kwik Kill uses IPM to solve insect, rodent and animal control problems at homes and commercial businesses. Treatment programs are either one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual, depending on the problem. Green and organic options and seasonal business services are also available. The company provides free quotes, and it’s a member of the WPCA and the NPMA. Kwik Kill is located at 4603 Helgesen Drive, Madison, WI 53718.

Kwik Kill

Wil-Kil Pest Control

Wil-Kil Pest Control provides residential and commercial insect, rodent and wildlife control. Home protection plans start at $23.33 a month, but initial service fees may apply. Free quotes are available, and treatments are under warranty. Bed bug programs utilize technicians or canines to inspect the area and use conventional or heat treatments to remove the infestation. The company is QualityPro accredited and a member of the NPMA and the WPCA. Wil-Kil Pest Control is located at 2803 Capitol Drive, Ste. 3, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Wil-Kil Pest Control

Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe specializes in mosquito control and pest repellent services for homes and businesses. Natural treatment options are available. This company provides free quotes by phone, but exact prices are based on the size and density of foliage on your property and the amount of product used. Treatments have a money-back guarantee, with no contract required. Mosquito Joe is located at 2858 University Ave., Ste. 244, Madison, WI 53705.

Mosquito Joe